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2021 Pushcart Prize Nominees

This was hard.  This was SO. DAMN. HARD.

Every year, Pushcart Press sends out a call to independent publishers seeking nominations of the best writers of poetry and short stories for their annual collection. (  The prize of publishing in their volume brings submissions from across the world from journals striving to bestow this esteemed acknowledgement on their own contributors.

Here, at The Parliament Literary Journal, we already feel as though we have the best of the best in our collections. Our writers and artists, we know with certainty and without hyperbole, are the most courageous and  talented there are.  Picking six (only six!!!) to put forward representing our journal was no easy task.

Ultimately, however, we knew we had to. We knew our writers deserved more spotlight than our little journal could offer.

Congratulations and best of luck to the following nominees.

(Click on each name to read the nominated work.)

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