Aleksandra Vujisic

I wanted you to die!

There, I said it,

with my half bitten lip,

and my lost eyes,

my burnt sky

and my broken hip -

I wanted you to die

because I thought 

this could be such

a beautiful gift for me,

climbing the difficult hills,

coming down from a 

broken tree.


No fruit was ever

good enough for you,

that is why I broke

too many times,

reading hurtful lines

with no rhymes,

losing my senses

and my mind,

quiet like a newborn puppy,

half lost and half blind.


I wanted you to die,

because I didn’t know

how to kill you 

and leave no traces,

there is still blood on paper,

a ticket for all deserted places.

Aleksandra Vijisic, from Montenegro, is a professor of English language and literature and is a passionate writer of prose and poetry for children and grownups.  She has participated in poetry festivals and contests across  Europe and her works have won prizes and acknowledgements in Montenegro and worldwide.  Her works are part of more than 30 anthologies and books.  In 2017, she started a literary project to promote the importance of reading for children and is a member of the Association of Montenegrin Authors for Children.

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