Ecclesia and Synagoga

Alex Huynh

Sisters, bright body to body,

Love, Ecclesia and Synagoga,

Each the slim sanctuary, 

Twice sylph, together, nested naked glyph

Most beauty most bare – in sight,

Ring light, the same reflection sees what should

Be given, life to the living –

What is given, the heavy human weight.

Their observers have watched them

Through pure development, now vitrified

And porcelain, posturing

Perception, and cheers for strength – Valkyrie!

There, with feelings of French ballets,

The Grand Piano Hall 00,

Those larger pale mallows prove

Something – prodigies in self-portraiture,

Recital, earrings, stone-wired

Wrists and fingers, small attire – the endings

Of high societal evenings,

Requirements of mutual undressings.

Audiences in their bed,

Both too skinny, to each two largenesses –

Beastly wings, though a heavy

Surface broods and beats, are paper-thinnest

Like prettiest twins – imprinted

Beings are for being’s sake essential –

Earth-kisses on the whole foot

Stepping forward despite itself, meeting

The cold strides of space between – 

Its terminal solemnity doubles

Loss and so outpaces all else.

Dr. Alex Van Huynh received his Ph.D. in Biology from Lehigh University and is currently an assistant professor of biology at DeSales University. His poetry can be found in multiple literary journals and his first full-length collection will appear in 2022.

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