Quirky Raw Appeal

Shail Raghuvanshi

The sun is at its zenith, shining

till it burns, my little home settling

into its comfort zone, people

busy with chores and, I feel

that aching desire once again


to pick up a few grains of raw rice, toss them

carelessly into my mouth, munching bleakness

of cereal as it swirls inside, wrapping itself

with slushy saliva and offbeat toothy music

churning bran discreetly like a spy with a silencer.


It‘s  a quirky craving that goes not well

with my human physique, used as it is

to eating more of cooked rather than raw,

this grain not a succulent dish, not dish at all

yet, appears inviting like the forbidden apple.


A compulsion I comply with religiously

until my teeth punishingly chatter,

my palate goes for a toss

claiming yet another victim that refuses

to realize the repercussions of raw appeal!

Shail Raghuvanshi is a freelance journalist, editor, poet, blogger and artist. She has around 30 years of writing experience for various mediums such as newspaper, magazine, radio, television and the internet. Her poems, short stories and articles have been published over the years in leading magazines, journals and e-books. She has been associated with various publications and E-zines and is known for having co-authored anthologies. She believes hypocrisy to be the greatest enemy of mankind and untethered creativity to be the finest friend of the human race. 


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