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matters of importance

Bill Baynes

tingles in fingers and toes

thin black and blue skin

the care of the feet

the receptionist’s name


placement of hairbrushes

the route to the toilet

annual driving exams

the esteem of felines


and that thing old men do

saving scraps of tissue

folded smooth and ready

at the drip of a nose

Bill Baynes is a man who thinks about mortality as a widower in a lonely world. Every year, he loses two or three of his close friends. Two of his children are in their sixties. That makes him 107, almost. Writing keeps him awake. He’s published three books of fiction with three different Indies: Bunt, a young adult baseball story; The Coyote Who Braved Baseball, a middle-grade novel; and The Occupation of Joe, a historical fiction novella set in Tokyo in 1945. Two other books are under contract. Bill has also published poems in several different literary magazines. He used to work in San Francisco as a writer/producer/director who specialized in public interest projects like HIV prevention, teen alcohol and drug abuse, nutrition and fitness, etc.

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