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Eternal Internal Cradles

Bri Narick

Do you think she would hate us for what we’ve done?

I didn't mean to hurt her

I just wanted to fix us

Maybe we didn't need fixing

She doesn't need fixing


I do


              - My inner child hates me

Bri Narick (she/her) is a 2023 high school distinction graduate from Bellevue West high school, who plans on attending Hastings Private College on a Reeves scholarship, to double major in English literature and English Language. She was her high school’s graduation speaker, is third in the Nebraska state for Forensics Poetry, and has earned the NCPA Academic All-State Award in speech. In her free time, Bri writes poetry, reads a lot of Stephen King, and enjoys making those around her laugh. She hopes, and is working, to become an English professor, with numerous publishings in both essay collections and poetry. 

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