Momo Dispenses with a Thought Experiment

Bruce Robinson

What Momo really wants to do

is bite my hand, his mind

perhaps clenched upon an idiom.


After feeding, and with encouragement,

he'll venture onto the couch

and sleep wild beside me


while I read the deeply bewildering

science section. It won't be long

before he leaves. The headline


claims "you can't pour coffee

from an empty cup" and that reminds me,

I've taken down my empty cup


proposed some milk,                

at the same time propositioning                     

a bowl of cereal, all right,


some tedium here, trigger

warning too, yogurt, berries. That's all

there is to uncover. What else                           


would you have, what else could you

possibly care to know about me? The

truth?  We must love one another or lie.



Recent work by Bruce Robinson appears or is forthcoming in Tar River Poetry, Spoon River, Tipton Poetry Journal, Rattle, Maintenant, and Pangyrus.

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