Suburban Threnody

Bruce Robinson

Today's paper offshore in the driveway

 its sustenance a requisite, its

consequence demolishment, a heaving


between fires and the ancillary columns,

those antic unlives neither there nor time

to awaken, the paper gives me meals,


I'll let you know how that ripeness feels,

the tangerines that woke you,

avocados and pecadilloes,


shopping carts in the afterlife,

the cameras' curiosities, the tourists

in their aisles, zealous pilgrims


all the while in want of a toehold of

a purchase, of a finite horizon

amid a torrent of deals.  There's a question


that seats itself gingerly

at the register, just what

to pay for, what to steal.



Recent work by Bruce Robinson appears or is forthcoming in Tar River Poetry, Spoon River, Rattle, Mantis, Two Hawks Quarterly, Peregrine, Tipton Poetry Journal, North Dakota Quarterly, and Aji.

Alan Bern
Weeping for Being

Bruce Robinson