Sea Foam -- Sea Tomb

Caitlin McKenna

Sea/ sea foam/ cradle/ tomb/ cut glass/ last chance/ slow dance/ shadow work/ cut the tie/ cut the cord/ learning knots/ thread/ threadbare/ ribbon hair/ shibari/ untie me/ rope/ burn/ ropeburn/ strangle/ stagnant water/ anchor/ cage/ stranglehold/ stronger/ slave/ hold/ held/ welder/ would you


Hold her


Be stronger


Burn for her


Strangle in her hold


Tie yourself up in knots to fuck and be fucked up


Would you unravel to cover her in a shawl of your well wishes - net of kisses -


to become a threadbare gent


Would you mind if she had to cut the cord

Caitlin Mckenna is a queer, socialist, vegan poet from Leeds, UK. After completing her Master's in Creative Writing Caitlin has been working as a writer across the North while performing at events in Leeds, getting published in various journals from Fragmented Voices to Grim and Gilded, and completing her debut chapbook, coming August 2022. With a deeply confessional style and an unapologetically confrontational voice, Caitlin’s poetry covers a wide variety of topics including mental health, sexual violence, and sexuality. 

Caitlin McKenna
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Caitlin McKenna