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Call for Submissions & Open Contests


Hello Owls of The Parliament,

Submissions for our Spring 2023 issue on the theme of "Mortality" is closed as we are beginning to create the pages for what will surely prove to be an issue that makes you feel ALL the feels.

But, while you're here, allow me to give you a little 'heads up' about the theme for our Fall 2023 issue. I haven't officially created the Submittable call for this yet, but so that you can start getting the creative juices going, ready to be squeezed out onto the page, let me share with you what's sloshing around in my own mind right now.

In sitting in my room and looking across at the bookshelf that holds all of my favorite, FAVORITE books, it was clear to me that I have a 'type'. So many of my "top shelf" books 9as I call the best ones) are, simply, weird. They are the ones that venture into the surreal, allowing our minds an extraordinary adventure not only of words but of true imagination. We get to experience experiences that are just a tad or, sometimes, a whole lot twisted from reality. I'm talking Kelly Link. I'm talking Carmen Maria Machado. I'm talking George Saunders. Magical realism blended with horror blended with history blended with humour and all composed in the greatest literary prose.

I want the stories and poems and art that stir me. That seep into my dreams. I want, I realized, the works that make me say, "WTF?!" in the best way possible. 

Start concocting your own mix of weird. Get ready to join us for the "WTF?" issue coming this Fall.

Official call for submissions through Submittable should happen soon-ish.


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