Call for Submissions & Open Contests


Call for Submissions - SPRING 2022: "LIARS! (The Unreliable Narrator)"



Seriously. Give us your biggest, juiciest whopper or tease us slowly along the way with little deceptions, so sneaky and baked with charm that we might not even know we're being lied to.

A little background to help inspire you? This theme was inspired by a line on a back-cover review of the (phenomenal!) book "Piranesi" by Susanna Clarke. David Mitchell writes, "... what a pure protagonist, what a morally squalid supporting cast..." MORALLY SQUALID. What beautiful words to describe such grime. But it's what we want. We want your stories, your poems, and your art to capture the duplicity, the trickery, the treachery, the sophism.

Get gritty. Get slimy. Get so damn shifty. Have some fun with this one. 


And, as always, feel free to interpret this theme as your creative mind leads you.

For specifics about formatting and length requirements for submissions, please see our About section and the question that addresses our rules for this. We're going to be sticklers about it, so please take the time to familiarize yourself with our preferences.  To submit, please use the Submittable link provided here.

Art-Inspired Contest!

You know artists. Deadlines are more like "guidelines".  The art for our Spring 2022 Art Inspired Contest will be coming soon. We promise. The wait will be worth it. You're sure to be inspired by this one.

(PLEASE make certain you are submitting to the Art-Inspired Contest Submittable option after you follow this link)