Call for Submissions & Open Contests

Art-Inspired Contest!

Artist Jennifer Weigel is an ALL-STAR.  Published in The Parliament Literary Journal's first ever issue, we're excited she is back with us now as our Art-Inspired Contest artist for Summer 2022, an issue dedicated to some of our all-stars.

 You know the drill by now. We're not going to tell you much about Jennifer's art including the name of her piece. We don't want to bias your interpretation of this piece in any way. We just want you to GET INSPIRED. Write us a story. Craft us a poem. 500 words or less. What story, what emotion, what character(s) does this evoke for you?  We can't wait to read what you come up with for this one!


Artist's and Editor's Winners will be published in our Summer 2022 issue.

Jennifer Weigel Heading Home Art Inspired Summer 2022.jpg

(PLEASE make certain you are submitting to the Art-Inspired Contest Submittable option after you follow this link)