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Call for Submissions & Open Contests

Spring / Summer 2024
The "WTF?!?" Issue

This time, Writers and Artists, we want your WEIRD.




For our Spring/Summer 2024 issue (which, for now, we're calling the "WTF?!" issue), these are the words we'd like you to channel.

Think Kelly Link's rabbits that come to life.

Or the mugging scene in Yelena Moskovich's "Virtuoso".

Think Lincoln and all the other dead, restless souls stuck in the bardo of

George Saunder's work.

Think Carmen Maria Machado's ribbon.

Think of Waj'm Maj'vht, Raphael Bob-Waksberg's disturbing/beautiful creation.

Make us -- with the chances that you take in your narrative, in your structure, in your vision -- say "WTF?!" in the best literary way possible.

Have fun! We can't wait to see what this challenge produces.

Use the Submittable link here to send us your work.

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