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Call for Submissions - Fall 2020:  VIRAL THEME

We know, we know. We, too, are pretty darn tired of hearing and talking about viruses and even more exhausted living the effects of this seemingly unending pandemic. And yet, we are also reminded of what perspective and opportunity it has brought to all of us -- the opportunity to birth this literary magazine just one example. So, it could be no other theme to kick off our inaugural issue than the concept of "VIRAL". Now, we're not insisting you write about the pandemic. In fact, if we never read the words corona virus or COVID-19 or 'The Rona' again, we'll be just fine with that. Viral, in this day and age, can mean so many different things. Interpret it as you wish. Be creative. Let the word, itself, inspire in you with ideas that are literal or metaphorical, to create works that are written or visual. 


We're looking for your prose, flash, poetry, photos, and art that embody the VIRAL theme and that leave us feeling absolutely woozy.

For specifics about formatting and length requirements for submissions, please see our About section and the question that addresses our rules for this. We're going to be sticklers about it, so please take the time to familiarize yourself with our preferences.

Contest! Ekphrastic This.

For The Parliament Literary Journal''s inaugural contest, we're holding an ekphrastic challenge, asking for your poems (no more than two pages) or flash fiction (no more than 1000 words), in response to a piece of artwork we have selected. "Ekphrastic" comes from Greek meaning "description" and, in the literary world, is used to describe written works (often poems -- but we'll take stories, too!) that, with detailed words, describe a piece of art (a sculpture, painting, photograph, or, in the case of Keats, a Grecian urn).


The best possible explanation of ekphrastic work that we have come across and we encourage you to check out is the "Ephective Ekphrastics" guide written by Jack Cooper and Clare MacQueen. 


Your ekphrasis, of course, does not need to be entirely literal and can create a story around the art as it inspires you emotionally or psychologically. We want you to MOVE us, to share a perspective that's unexpected and memorable.

So, you must be wondering, what IS the artwork I am to be inspired by? CLICK HERE to see this piece created by artist Russell Mantarro, an alumni of Highland Park High School who now resides in Camp Dennison, Ohio. To see more of his art, follow him on Instagram @ram_artdesign.

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