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The Parliament

Literary Journal

Spring 2022 / Issue 7

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Poetry & Prose


Ivan de Monbrison
Untitled (with Translation)

Natalie Kormos
The Voice Behind the Curtain

Christine Diane Allen
Your Other Perfect Lover

Christine Diane Allen
About That School of Dreams

Bruce Robinson
 Momo Dispenses with a Thought Experiment

Marilyn Cavicchia

David Earl Williams
To John in Hard Knoxville

David Earl     Williams
All Alone in the Moonlight

Jill Crammond
Guidance on Avoiding Conflict with Wolves

J.R. Solonche
To a Student Who Lied About Trees in a Poem Called Autumn

J.R. Solonche
How Beautifully the Lilacs Lie

Robert Beveridge
Have You Ever Considered That a Rhesus Monkey Might Be Smarter Than Your Child

Maggie Nerz Iribarne
Halloween 1977

Art & Photography


Ann Marie Sekeres
Liar Liar


Alan Bern
Bandiera Rossa


Alan Bern
Tucker Carlson


Edward Michael Supranowicz
The High and Mighty


Edward Michael Supranowicz
Faces on the Edge of Darkness


Edward Lee
The Sorrow in a Smile


A Treasured Teapot

a very special teapot.jpg

Edward Lee
What is Understood to Be True


Artistically Inspired Contest

featuring the artwork, "Night time NYC" by Scott Brustein

Artist's Winner

Editor's Winner

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