The Parliament

Literary Journal

Winter 2020 / Issue 2

Truth is real; it simply IS. And yet, in so many instances, we are called to conceal it; to bury it; pretend that it ISN'T.

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Poetry & Prose


Eddie Brophy

Leave the Funerals for the Dead

imbibing these dire affirmations

Caitlin McKenna

Brittle Bones

Last week a guy did something to me

"This would make Monet happy."

Denise Berger


Emily Rose Miller

This Womanhood

It is plucking clumps of once-dried-now-sticky-again blood

Paul Tanner

various forms of arrogance

and you went back to your old bedroom in your mum's house

Craig Finlay

Holy Colors /

John Singer Sargent Finds the Wind

To hang a deer from its back legs, to open its throat

Stephen Kingsnorth

What You See / 


I like gentle humility, scaled honesty for friendship paced

Will Neuenfeldt


the scent of sweat

cakes on my crotch

Alyssa Cressotti


I think about the girl you fucked down south

N. Nagy


I know it hurt you because I wanted it to hurt you

Ruth Niemiec

Tiger Snakes

He says its bloody hot. I nod.

Safiyat Naseem

The Same Blood

I cut my hand - to verify my blood

Brian Yapko

Lapis Lazuli

i cannot remember how to be happy

Rachel Stempel

Gag Gifts I Give Myself

I'm already dead from the neck down

Art & Photography


Chachee Valentine


Chachee Valentine

failed suicide 

Michael Moreth


Connor Doyle

Let Go, You're Choking Us


Artistically Inspired Contest

Artist's Winner

Tatia Veikkola

Her Pale Envelope

She was not my real grandmother though

Editor's Winner

Artist's Winner

Justin Byrne

Symphony of Flowers

She was going to only buy one flower

Liz Hart

Open to the Wind

My bare ass frozen to the patio

featuring art by Richard Thompson

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