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The Parliament

Literary Journal

Winter 2022 / Issue 6

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Poetry & Prose


Michael Brockley
A Motherless Day on West Seventh Street in 1969

Vin Whitman
Rhymes with Christopher: December 14, 2017 / Praise for the Doppelgangers

Eden Herbstman
When Mental Health Checks Did Not Exist

Stephen Kingsnorth

Stephen Kingsnorth
Manes to Masques

Gary Koppel
I Met the Lone Ranger (or "Who Was That Masked Man?")

John Johnson
Hidden Behind Masks

Ramesh Dohan
Storied Life / Namesake

Natalie Kormos
If You're Being Me, Then Who's Being You?

Charlotte Kim
Mirror's Desire / 
Arachne the Grandma

Sharon Lask Munson
Behind Your Mask /
Little White Lies

Art & Photography


Wendy Lou Schmidt
The Queen's Coiffeuse


Edward Supranowicz
That Disembodied Feeling


Amy Bassin & Mark Blickley
Terminal Blue

terminal blue.jpg

Alan Bern
cracked mask

cracked mask.jpg

Alan Bern
doves' morning

doves morning.jpg

Lindsey Pucci
Come Play /
Percussion /

come play.jpg

Karen Boissonneault - Gauthier
Face Forward

face Forward.jpg

Connor Doyle
Doing Just Fine

connor doyle.jpg

Artistically Inspired Contest

Artist's Winner

Editor's Winner

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