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The Parliament

Literary Journal

Spring 2022 / Issue 7

Click on the cover image to see a flipbook version of the journal or select individual works below.

The All-Stars

All Star


Rachel Stempel

7. Discover: Mona Lisa is a lesbian.

Jill Crammond


Paul Tanner


Amy L. Bernstein

look how long it took me to reject this body

Connor Doyle


J.P. Sexton

JPS for Brad.jpg

Stephen Kingsnorth

Caitlin McKenna

What I'm saying is that I think when they cut me open they'll find your hairs growing on the inside of my chest

Oz Hardwick

Me & Louis 1.jpg

Madari Pendas

On the ride home, Umberto kept looking at Yesenia. Would the universe take from him again?

Ranjith Sivaraman

Ranjith Sivaraman.jpg



Bruce Robinson


Nikki Gonzalez

nikki 2.jpg

Michael Rogers

Eventually you'll forget me but I don't have the time to let you go without your eyes. 

Jay Nunnery

After a while, I finally looked up at the stars

Kevin Vivers


Eddie Brophy

He takes my hand to the land of nod snoring in my ear with puppy dog breath

Lindsey Pucci

the sketchbook.jpg


Why didn't you ever speak for yourself???

Lawdenmarc Decamora

Dear, are we ready to be kaleidoscoped?

Natalie Kormos

How do you begin to measure, the life that someone has lived?

Artistically Inspired

Art Inspired Contest

featuring the artwork,
"Heading Home"
by Jennifer Weigel

Artist's Winner

Remy Chartier
If Janus Was a Woman

Artist's Winner

Editor's Winner

Jennifer Weigel Heading Home Art Inspired Summer 2022.jpg
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