The Parliament Literary Journal 

Issue I         Fall 2020

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Issue I  Fall 2020

The Viral Issue

   featuring an       ekphrastic              contest   

Letter from the Editor
Nikki Gonzalez

Issue Contents

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Poetry & Stories

Love Prevails
Tatum Scott
Sunday Cleaning
Kan Ren Jie
Amy Bernstein
The Paris Juggler
Austin Alexis
Black Alert
N. Nagy 
Slow Boat to Pound Town in the Time of COVID
Michael Steffen 
Today I Saved A Centipede
Jacqueline Jules
Stephen Kingsnorth
Ann Calandro 
the end of history
Liam Lohman 
Touer Haines
Apox Gen
Allison Saft 
civil warfares?
Alan Bern 
Animal Mind
Carol Flake Chapman

Art & Photograpy

Harry Longstreet 
Safe Sex
Jennifer Weigel 
Sink or Swim
Michael Thompson 
Sin Virus
Connor Doyle
Chasing Rainbows
Van Lanigh 
in the Forest of the Night
Aubrey Zahn 

Ekphrastic Contest


The Body Distorts into a Manufacturing Defect
Kanika Ahuja


Rebirth of a Perspective
Natalie Kormos

contest image art by Russell Mantarro

Instagram @ram_artdesign

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