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Pushcart Prize Nominee

David Earl Williams

All Alone in the Moonlight

I remember when I was a sixteen year old girl

and Picasso crawled in my window one night

and lay beside me.


I said, I’m only 16, I’m not 17 yet, you’ll have to leave, Picasso.

And Picasso said, is this because of that Hannah Gadsby woman?---

You know---she’s on the spectrum?


And then Hannah Gadsby came by and stood outside my window yelling,

Picasso!---Picasso, YOU FUCK! Get out of there!

Don’t you know he’s only a 16 year old girl?


And no part of it was funny at all in any way,

and that is why I gave up sex and comedy

and instead began my work on the invention of stand up cubism.


---How’m I doin’?

David Earl Williams has been his alias since birth. Friend call him D'Earl sometimes. His other alias is: Not You - the Other One!

Recent (or soon to be) publications include: Class Collective Mug, the Decadent Review, Aji Magazine, Incessant Pipe Word Press.

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