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It was a Fried Wonder Day

David Earl Williams

The day before Satyr Day—

“Count up your affirmations”,

they all said—

“It’s like a Thanksgiving!”...

“One, you have a good theRapist”...


We got stuck right there... on — 1 —

(kind of jaw dropping— that ONE... )

So Fried Wonder Day is a couple of days late...

most days it is, except once’st a week—

when theRapist is actually in—



FRIED WONDER...extra long in the fryer...

Ummmm... Mmmmm... mmmm...

Fryin’ it UP!---

Until Satyr Day— ! ...

the day we refill the prescriptions—


David Earl Williams has been his alias since birth and he's not changing it. To be sure, you'd have to ask his mother and grandmothers to know the truth. But you can't ask them---  they're sleeping now with the Hopewell and Adena who want their land back from the Cherokee and the Shawnee once they've head-tripped it back from the, mostly, but not exclusively, European rejects who are sitting on it now.  All that can be said about the alias for sure is that that it's a little like Mike Fink, King of the River Pirates--- it's fluid--- half water snake, half beaver, half bear, half alligator, half Blevins, half Fyffe, maybe, half Williams, maybe a little bit McCoy, (yes, those McCoys...  and Bad John Phillips), if you can believe the 3rd cousins twice removed---  and probably, you can't...) Anyway, his I. D. is just  like everybody else's--- it's being made up daily, cut like a suit to fit the dummy wearing it---or at least it is   until somebody cries bullshit--- that doesn't belong to you, you narcissist !---  and makes it stick.--- But until then, David Earl Williams,  he's just like you, Dear Reader---  he's one of a kind, and a representative of millions and the vessel of all their grievances and glory.

Beth Kephart
Wide Awake at the Dog Hotel

David Earl Williams
Zombies of XMas Past Past-Due (and Future) in the 21st Century

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