To John in Hard Knoxville

David Earl Williams

This is just a note to confess

the last time I visited

I had sex with your pleasingly plump

old girlfriend from college, yes, Carol

see I was there and she was there

and, yeah, you were at work, and well

one thing led to another thing

getting on top of another

and, wow, o boy, man, she, Carol---

she was so ripe, so warm, so ready, so willing

on my last stroke I entered her finally fully, froze

o man, o boy, O GOD!---I thought I’d come forever---

she did this thing---

you know that thing?---

I’m sure you do

She. Was. Won-Der-Ful.

And ---I thought I was given to understand

that the two of you had an understanding

and the understanding was

that the two of you were ---

just friends--- and that the understanding was

that the two of you were just roommates---

or, at least, that’s the understanding

that Carol gave me to understand---

but, it seems odd to me, thinking back---

that the two of you still live together

and you only have the one bed

and, I’m assuming here, that the two of you still sleep together

and ---maybe I ought to have mentioned it---

though she was pointed in saying---not to---

that it was none of your business

and if I knew what was good for me---

well, I really, really shouldn’t---

AND, I really want to see her again---

I have written to her and she has said

that she will let me know

that we’ll have a week-end alone

when “the coast is clear”

which ---I innocently take to mean:

when you are out of town

and we can have the apartment to ourselves

and we can romp around, but---

I thought I should let you know

and I’m hoping that it’s all o-k


Your Friend, Dick

of Chattahoochee

David Earl Williams has been his alias since birth. Friends call him D'Earl sometimes. His other alias is : Not You --- the Other One! 

Recent (or soon to be recent publications): Class Collective mag, the Decadent Review, Aji magazine, Incessant Pipe word press.

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