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On My Last Day I Will Know Jealousy

Doug van Hooser

Parts of life remain destroyed buildings,

reminder of the war between desire and action,


between past and present, between you and me.

I have never known how to forgive the flowers,


accept they bloom and fade. Thanks to the snow

the sun is blinding on winter days.


The misery of rain allows germination,

the plant to leaf, to stretch and reach, to seek and seed.


I will always want to know what I suspect,

that the line that joins the dots is random


and the result Rorschach. My trail a test

I interpret again and again. Searching my pockets


for another meaning.

Doug Van Hooser splits his time between suburban Chicago where he gives fictitious names to baristas and southern Wisconsin where he enjoys sculling and cycling. His poetry has appeared in numerous publications. He has also published short fiction and has had readings of his plays in Chicago. Links to his work can be found at

Doug van Hooser

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