Leave the Funerals for the Dead

Eddie Brophy

I mourned the internment of salad days

as a noctambulant specter

paying emotional ransoms

with inebriated regret

when the clarity of trauma

emphasized the tangibility of my end

through the egregious melancholy of myself

cataloging haunted memories

in a library of sordid thoughts

renewing the dread of

Eldritch musings

waxing existential

esurient for ennui

imbibing these dire affirmations 

and pontificating nihilism

with redundant trepidation

amassing a wealth of agonist creeds

wayward and ambivalent

with the child in repose

the man cannot relax

trying to mitigate futility

cadaverous in his head

put the little boy to sleep

and leave the funerals to the dead

Eddie Brophy is a poet, author, and blogger from Massachusetts. He holds a B.A. and M.A. in English and Creative Writing. His previous writing credits include poems in The Poet’s Haven Digest, Better Than Starbucks, Ghost City Press, and Terror House Magazine. His short-short story “The B.K.R. Killer,” can be read on Haunted MTL. His debut novel “Nothing to Get Nostalgic About,” is available now on Amazon and wherever you get your books. You can read his blog at https://eddiebrophywriter.weebly.com/ or follow him on Instagram @eddiebrophywriter .


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