I Love You All The Time  /
Silent Hurt

Eddie Brophy

I Love You All The Time

Precocious boy

evanescent or incognito

every Friday in the living room

felt like a middle school dance

beatific teeth and wealthy smiles

are getting all the laugh tracks

and happy endings while I get

the domestic eldritch shaft

than a somnambulist lumber

from a toddler’s slumber

“You love me ALL the time,”

I pick him up and embrace

the fleeting joy of a romantic

mortally wounded by their own

unfathomable delusion

he takes my hand to the land of nod

snoring in my ear with puppy dog breath

arbitrarily throwing haymakers

appendages crack my ribs

I wake as their collateral damage, comfort is a war zone

they keep you awake all night

begging you not to leave them, the fatigue makes me sick

but then their voices resound

you love me ALL the time

and my tired and bruised lungs speak

I love you all the time.

Silent Hurt

pestilence in my heart

ambivalence coursing

through my veins

disencumber the vanity

of her complacent violence

expunge all the nightmares

of another stoic antonym

fear lulls me to sleep

corpulent with righteousness

 until my will stymies

the antidote of the rage

comfort me, the darkness she left

heal me, the trauma of her anger

I’m not a victim

I was the symptom of

an arbitrary crime

you wrest my name

you raped my innocence

you cultivated a narrative

called it a family

now you’re trying to

hang me for my integrity

and before I die,

I’ll call you what you are

this wasn’t a mother, she’s the witch

Eddie Brophy is an award winning poet and novelist.  His debut novel "Nothing to Get Nostalgic About" was published by Atmosphere Press in 2020 and won the Literary Titan Gold Award in 2021.  His poetry book "Autumn's Eulogy" was published in March of 2022 by BookLeaf Publishing.  His poems have appeared in several publications including Ghost City Press, Terror House Magazine, and Oddball Press and his short story "The B.K.R. Killer" was published by Haunted MTL. 

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