The Notebook Poem

Eddie Brophy

If you’d let me be sincere

then maybe time would let you in

if I’d let you be curt

then we’d realize

love isn’t punctual

and there’s still a place

for you and me to recover all the nostalgia

and turn all those fleeting moments

into opportunities to begin again

when life told me to let you go

and wisdom told you to walk away

we’ll meet back up in some spot

cultivated by the patience of hurt

now there’s nothing left of that pain

the only resolve is to embrace what we are

soul mates separated at birth

best friends antiquated by generational refrain

if we still find each other in the end

then soul mates,

is all we need to remain

when I’m a meandering anachronism

and your ego feels too vain

steal a notebook from my desk

and I’ll steal another tear from your heart

remember how I always thought of you

and never tell me how you felt the same.

Eddie Brophy is an award winning poet and novelist.  His debut novel "Nothing to Get Nostalgic About" was published by Atmosphere Press in 2020 and won the Literary Titan Gold Award in 2021.  His poetry book "Autumn's Eulogy" was published in March of 2022 by BookLeaf Publishing.  His poems have appeared in several publications including Ghost City Press, Terror House Magazine, and Oddball Press and his short story "The B.K.R. Killer" was published by Haunted MTL. 

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