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Untitled (with Translation)

Ivan de Monbrison

Тень прилипла к спине

Но голова начала смеяться,

Есть следы на потолке

Твоя мать в клетке и там

Лает как собака,

Но образ безголового змея 

очень быстро сползает в угол.

Театр кукол,

Сумасшедший ест хлеб

Что он сделал из собственной плоти

И который он приготовил в горле,

прежде чем сразу убрать его. 

Ты рвешь каждое свое слово

Твои предложения ничего не значат,

И певец поет свою песню

Чью музыку я уже забыл,

После моста 

Я бросил пустынный берег,

Куда приходят мертвецы

Пить воду, 

которую они не могут там найти.

Shadow stuck to the back

But the head started to laugh,

There are footsteps on the ceiling

Your mother is in a cage 

Barking there like a dog

But the image of a headless serpent 

very quickly slips into a corner.

Puppet Theatre,

A madman eating bread

Which he made with his own flesh

And which he cooked in his throat,

Before pulling it out.

You rip off every word

Your sentences mean nothing

And the singer sings his song

Whose music I already forgot

After the bridge

I left the deserted shore

Where do the dead go

To drink

A water which they cannot find.

Ivan de Monbrison is indeed a basket case. He actually enjoyed cutting off his own tongue recently in order to give it to the little fish of the nearby river. He has also lost his right leg in 1914 on the German Front, but found it back recently in perfect condition. He generously decided to donate this old bastard of a leg to a Delicatessen down the block, in exchange for small a bite of the owner 's wife tits.

Edward Lee
A Hidden Daylight

Lisa Rhodes-Ryabchich

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