Hiding is a Dirty Job

Jean Fineberg

My best friend’s parents

banned her from my bat mitzvah

and took her to church


After they died,

their hidden documents

outed them as Jews


My college had 27 sororities -

22 Christian, 5 Jewish,

none lesbian


Nobody knew I was a lesbian

I dated fraternity boys

and hung out with townie girls


My father drove across town

to a golf club where

nobody knew he was a Jew


His brother Abraham

became “Albert Christian”

to get a job in the sewer


His overalls smelled

of shit and methane

and lived outside the garage


No amount of scrubbing

could buy them

a ticket indoors

Jean Fineberg is a poet and professional jazz saxophonist.  Her poet father left a new poem on the table every morning, and she recently unearthed a book of poems she wrote when she was eight. Jean has studied with celebrated poet Kim Addonizio, and her poems have been published in Modern Poets Magazine,   Soliloquies Anthology, Vita Brevis, Dove Tails, Uppagus, Literary Yard, FLARE: The Flagler Review, Riza Press, High Shelf Press, The Fibonacci Review, The Creativity Webzine, Quillkeepers Press, Superpresent Magazine, Lucky Jefferson, Unlost Journal, The Jewish Literary Journal, Kerning, Jerry Jazz   Musician, Parliament Literary Journal, Montana Mouthful and Shot Glass Journal.  Her first chapbook, A Mobius Path, will be available from Finishing Line Press in February, 2022. She is currently at work on her second chapbook, tentatively titled Memoirs of a Mean Sax. 

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