Slow Drip / Hacked Apart

J.P. Sexton

Slow Drip

Sometimes it feels

as if I am hanging

by a thread

held together by a paperclip.

Life seems little

more than a bed

I have rented

for the night.


That’s not to say

I am ready to release

my grip.

My fingernails dig in deep.

I have still more words

at the cusp of a drip

on to a page

for one to ingest.    

Hacked Apart

I wish life

came with an expiration date

the kind you find on a yogurt lid.

If it did, we could have shaken hands

and buried the hatchet

in time

before it hacked us apart.


What is it they say?

Pride comes before a fall.

That was me to a “T”

Not that you were much better

but then your letter opened my eyes.

An apology was the last thing

I expected

as was the invisible ink.

J.P. Sexton grew up in the most northerly point of Ireland - the Inishowen Peninsula. He writes about his native homeland, people and places around the world where he has lived and worked and basically all kinds of random thoughts. He has been published in The Irish Times, The Garda Review Magazine and The Connaught Tribune. In 2016 his memoir; "The Big Yank - Memoir of a Boy Growing Up Irish," was published on Amazon as was "Four Green Fields..." in 2018. He is currently editing a sequel to his memoir titled Drawn to Danger (working title).  

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