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Nothing Was Ever Really the Same Again

Laura Zaino

The first time I realized who I’m really not

I was tripping on mushrooms.

I had a wordless conversation with the sky –

there was this one fluffy cloud I was really vibing with.

I laughed out loud, I cried a little;

we really understood each other.

It was something I had intellectually known for years: 

I am you/ are we/ are nothing

and everything 

all at once

but it’s a truth you can’t grasp entirely, 

can’t quite believe or understand,

like the sheer size of the universe

or the near impossibility of our existence.

On that day looking up into the shiny blue sky 

from my 6th floor patio in Brooklyn,

in that moment that transcended time and space,

what i am/ who i am not

danced and swirled and smiled at each other,

gentle friends delighted at the thought

of a cloud, of a building,

of a human with a thinking brain.

I rested on the pulse of the universe,

I rode its vagus nerve,

I felt the weightlessness of being.

Laura Zaino is a lover of life, finding beauty even when it’s hiding. She has a Master’s Degree in Creative Writing from The City College of New York. She’s a wife and a mother of one (one is plenty!) who is getting pretty good at vegan baking. She teaches yoga in NY’s lower Hudson Valley, where you can also find her on the hiking trails.

Her self-published poetry collection, Hindsight Notwithstanding, is available on Amazon and can be found here:  

Her work has also appeared in Big City Lit, The Metaworker Literary Magazine, Green Ink Poetry, and Moss Piglet.                                      

Follow her on Instagram @onlyhappensonce.

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