Lucia Coppola

Cliff diving fearless and freestyle - acuity

          of the offbeat, furtive glance from a window

between bursts of sunlight, clouds and rain, 

          the desk, the sink, the flow of ink on a page that’s plain 

the flutter of awareness, the weird and wistful eye - the sharpened focus


fortified with feathered eyebrows - the blink 

          within the heartbeat and the singular breath      

when scanning with a specific charge,  zooming in to specks of dust, 

          the table’s varnished glare, the doorknob's neutral stare

as booted spikes emerge from matted down - to streamline


the feral dancer’s flight, cling with a velociraptor’s tenacity - to ensnare

          when landing onto solid ground

and glisten with principles embedded in a mesozoic somewhere - there 

          the surge of mighty wings        

the whistle in the moment, alien and familiar - this truth



Listen! There’s a high pitched squall almost hidden within - the dive 

          amidst smaller breezes 

the swoop and blaze just then that curves, fancies and free falls          

          Watch! the deftly quilled trace and catch of diaphanous blue 

the aerial orbit, the wise fool’s freakish gaze – the lustrous affirmation          


carries courage enough to permeate empty air - to indulge 

         motley textured sinews 

the blood, the sand, the tide, the land, the sweep away - fantastic dreams 

         between cliff , treetop and cave, between the click and save           

between the I and love and you - the erstwhile stance 


atop the bedded nest and the cliff’s decisive edge  

         the magnanimous day and the stark night           

will know one another - Aquila 

          out of darkness espies the here and there 

clasps the still beating heart - in its talons


A quila, 

          aqui la

singular, soft, high-pitched - piping          

          thin arrowed, thitherward call  -  la la          


Lucia Coppola is an ESL teacher who is originally from New York and has lived in France since 1985. She has a professional background in dance and body techniques. Her writing is largely informed by nature, traditional storytelling and by where she lives near the forest of  Paris. Some of her work has been read on the New River Clocktower Radio program in New York City and published with Inspirelle, The Parliament Literary Magazine and the Plants and Poetry Anthology.

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