Micahel Brockley

a congressman with an aversion to state-of-the-art bridges broadcasts his fantasy of murdering a brown woman in a pre-holiday cartoon and the last white rhinoceros has a bodyguard to protect it from poachers and slowhand and van the man complain about mask mandates that interfere with their playing arena concerts and the kid who killed two men who are not to be called victims ekes out a tear at his staged trial and whatever happened to stacy abrams and someone somewhere is shooting a wolf and virgin condors are laying eggs without mates and except for you none of the customers in culver’s wore a face mask today and the thirteen congressmen who voted to repair potholes are on double secret probation no that’s not true their pre-holiday gifts are death threats and don’t mention school shootings and stay mum about black men and women being shot and strangled and hanged and the seventeen-year old son of the guy you didn’t vote for tried to vote for his father twice and you’re too old for another german shepherd and starbucks quit selling toffee nut lattes and a billionaire bought all of olive garden’s dolcini desserts and none of the restaurants in the midwest serves tilapia anymore and you think you might look for a poodle or a cairn terrier and a billionaire ignored a warning light on his rocket so he could be the first of his kind in space and you haven’t had a raise in six years and why didn’t your juneberry and pear trees bear fruit this summer and don’t tell anyone your state is the home of the candidate who said women can shut their bodies down to prevent conceiving through rape and what is exceptional about fighting wars forever and gas is $3.29 at pump-n-pay today and the neighbor’s pit bull jumped the fence this evening with a chew toy in its mouth on a mission to find a buddy to play with and the women of texas are hostages in the book of american lamentations and a lone star school board fired a black principal for running a public school that teaches history and you worry as the holidays approach whether the possum you saw once this summer will find shelter against the ice storms to come

Michael Brockley

Nikki Gonzalez
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Michael Brockley
A Motherless Day on West Seventh Street in 1969