Rebirth of a Perspective

Natalie Kormos

Dark shapes.  Dark shifting shapes with blurred edges, moving in and out of view,

Am I a part of the darkness?  Or a muddled lens I peer through?


Does it begin with darkness, or is this now the end?

Not standing out, into my muddy surroundings I blend.


Though it seems a vaguely familiar place, of which I have experienced before,

Some remembrance taking shape, though it was a different skin then that I wore.


Though my eyes are starting to see more clearly, the shapes around me taking form,

The other parts and limbs of me are wobbling, uncertain of their uses just as I was born.


Some components still seem to be missing, though I breathe I am still incomplete,

The edges and boundaries of my reach not yet defined, though I can hear my heart clearly beat.


Timidly I test the limits, finding out how far I can go,

Looking to what I can begin to learn, what I already know.


And now as my nerve endings, begin to smoothly coordinate each movement,

My heartbeat matched with my breathing, more assuredly fluent.


The surrounding darkness, doesn’t seem to blind me anymore,

A calmness now embodying me, that wasn’t there before.


Though the parts of me are from seasons long ago, and have endured the steps of life,

A vigour beams now from my being, its energy newly rising like a fluttering kite.


And now my steps seem more certain, connecting with the earth,

From the darkness and uncertainty, strides a carefully crafted birth.


The birth of a new perspective, of taking on the new,

Though with the same eyes I gaze, I glean a different view.


The things there that I saw before, are still now much the same,

Though at a different angle I now observe them, even though they go by their unchanged names.


And I myself am still composed of the same fibres, that existed within me before,

Though a much different person I am when I change my perspective, a bird learning to soar.


Even though pieces of me still, have yet to rejoin me as a whole,

It is amazing the wonders to be discovered and achieved, when one newly experiences the world.

A 2020 graduate of University of St Andrews in Scotland with a Biology BSc upper second class (Honours), Natalie competes on the horse polo and ballroom dancing teams in addition to taking part in golf, sailing and reeling. Natalie began writing poetry when her Mum read Hailstones and Halibut Bones to her at a very young age. Natalie’s work has been featured in North American and Canadian poetry competitions hosted by Creative Communication, The Poetry Institute of Canada, The Royal Canadian Legion and Polar Expressions Publishing.

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