The Voice Behind the Curtain

Natalie Kormos

Can’t you see me?  Come a little closer then, come and hear me out,

Let me ease your mind, strike away that look of doubt.


Another step towards me, there, ah there you go,

I’ll tell you of all the things, I’ll tell you all I know.


You there look so uncertain, as if you see not in me a friend,

Let me change your mind, if an ear to me you’ll lend.


Come now and sit closer, pull up a chair to stay awhile,

Prepare to be enlightened, flattered and beguiled.


A pillar of greatness, such a noble head you are,

A guiding beacon, a leading force, a brightly shining star.


You are above all others, in a league all of your own,

Striving to always do, things no others have ever known.


What’s that?  Stay a little longer, don’t you leave so soon,

More I have to say to you, more I have to croon.


You define all that is so great, so strong and all that’s true,

Any storm that threatens, you boldly do pass through.


To say there is no other like you, now that I cannot say,

But now don’t leave just so soon, trust, a moment more you’ll stay.


Your actions have become you, oh such things that you have done,

As if above all else you seem to think, a final prize that can be won.


Yes, ah yes come closer to me still, can you see me now?

Why has that doubt come back?  I see it, there furrowed in your brow.


I’m here, can you not see me yet?  So plainly within view,

Closer, come closer, ah yes, now that will finely do.


Right here, I’m here behind the curtain, do you not see me still?

It is I that was and always is, to be there to do your will.


Come now great one surely, my face now is known to you?

It is I and I alone that has done the deeds, whatever more that shall ensue.


There, now yes there I see you at the curtain, your hand poised but still unsure,

Closer, closer come, the mystery of my allure.


Ahh yes, now there you have it, a little farther still,

You can feel it can you not?  That eager, fervent thrill?


Who am I truly, haven’t you known me all along?

You as I and I as you, that’s the way it always has belonged.


You are the epitome of greatness, no flaws you could ever hold,

I would say you are the greatest of them all, if I should be so bold.


Closer yes, yes a little further still,

Don’t you want to be privy, to all the secrets I shall spill?


And now the curtain, pull it open at last!

The answers all to which, the questions you have asked.






That face.  That face that looks at me,

Those eyes and nose and ears, of my own face of which they be.


Those lips that reflect back at me, mock the movement of my own,

Tauntingly in disgust, I stand now all alone.


This face that seems so unpleasant, so grotesque in all that it shows,

The mirror behind the curtain, for the truth it has exposed.

A 2020 graduate of University of St Andrews, Scotland (Biology BSc), Natalie competes on the horse polo and ballroom dancing teams in addition to taking part in golf, sailing and reeling. Natalie began writing poetry when her mum read Hailstones and Halibut Bones to her at a very young age. Natalie’s work has been featured in North American and Canadian poetry competitions hosted by Creative Communication, The Poetry Institute of Canada, The Royal Canadian Legion and Polar Expressions Publishing. Her work has also appeared in the internationally curated anthology by Wingless Dreamer and online journal You Might Need to Hear This. Natalie has been featured in The Parliament Literary Journal's inaugural issue as the Ekphrastic poetry competition’s Artist's Choice winner. Her work ‘Implosion’, has been published in the summer issue of The Parliament Literary Journal and ‘If You’re Being Me, Then Who’s Being You?’ has been published in the autumn 2021 issue. Natalie has a great passion in writing to share messages in a rhyming form for all ages, that challenge perspectives, inspire innovation and allow for creativity.

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