If You're Being Me, Then Who's Being You?

Natalie Kormos

If you’re being me, then who’s being you?

Who is there doing, all the things you can do?


Who is there to smile, with light sparkling in your eyes,

Wind blowing through your hair, your face turning to the sky?


Who would there be, to twirl as you do,

Spinning around, in your dancing shoes?


Who could ever shatter sadness, with your melodic laughter?

No one I’m sure, could cheer me up faster. 




If you’re being me, then who’s being you?

Who would take joy in the small, details of every view?


Who would point out to me, the wrinkles of the man in the moon,

The carefree dance, of a bunch of bobbing balloons?


Who would there be to notice, the rays of sunshine through the clouds,

The crickets and birds singing, the peaceful summer evening sounds?




If you’re being me, then who’s being you?

Life is more interesting, when to each their own it’s true. 


Follow in my footsteps, but blaze a trail all of your own,

I’ll still always be there beside you, a place to call your home. 


For there is only so much I can teach you, of which to show you the way,

With energy and adventure grasp each moment, of every coming day.


There is no other on the Earth, or in existence of all time,

That carries your very own imagination, the thoughts and adventures of your mind. 


Only you can pursue your owns dreams, from the fibres of your soul are spun,

Through your actions learning who you are, shaping who you become. 


 If all your life you mimic the ways of another, then in a shadow you shall always be,

The true person that you are, no one shall be able to see. 


It is good to share lessons and ways, with those you love so dear,

But promise me you’ll never lose sight of your person, keeping your spark ever so clear. 


Hold closely your loved ones, but to yourself always stay so very true,

If you’re being me, then who’s being you?

A 2020 graduate of University of St Andrews, Scotland (Biology BSc),  Natalie competes on the horse polo and ballroom dancing teams in addition to taking part in golf, sailing and reeling. Natalie began writing poetry when her mum read Hailstones and Halibut Bones to her at a very young age. Natalie’s work has been featured in North American and Canadian poetry competitions hosted by Creative Communication, The Poetry Institute of Canada, The Royal Canadian Legion and Polar  Expressions Publishing. Natalie has been featured in The Parliament Literary Journal's inaugural issue as the Ekphrastic poetry competition’s Artist's Choice winner. Most recently her work has been accepted to the summer issue of The Parliament Literary Journal. Natalie has a great passion in writing to share messages in a rhyming form for all ages, that challenge perspectives, inspire innovation and allow for creativity.

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