Storied Life / Namesake

Ramesh Dohan

Storied Life

This is a photograph

that has conjured up

myriad of memories

to reflect on in a day

it is a story

so, leave your shoes

at its doorway

Love is but a trick

of the light

some conundrums

I let lie



Every spring night

The dreams star more pale ghosts

Some are hotel beds I enter

And spend forgotten nights

I mourn a different city

The easy nights I’d spent

In placid arms

The memories need no Lanterns

 to find me

Ramesh Dohan hails from the city of Toronto. He earned a BA from the University of British Columbia. He has also seen his poetry published in several literary journals including South Ocean Review (2007), Osprey Journal (2008), Boston Literary Magazine (2011), Ascent Aspirations (2011), Bywords Journal (2012), Allegro Poetry Review (2015), and VerseWrights (2015) & Bosphorous Review of Books (2021).

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