Night time NYC

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Scott Brustein

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After retiring a couple of years ago, I wanted to pursue my childhood love to draw and paint. So I picked up some pencils, some water paints, lots of paper and a few “how to” books and got started.  I eventually found a painting studio class taught virtually over Zoom since going to live classes was not an option.  My inspirations are some new photographs and some old photographs of subjects that remind me of a great time or just make me happy, and I hope those feelings show in my art.

This painting is called “Night time NYC”, acrylic on canvas, and for me it is a reminder of an old college friend who lives on 15th St. and has a patio with this view of the Empire State Building!  He posts pictures of his view sometimes, and this painting is one of his photos.  Because of the pandemic, I haven’t seen him in years and painting this made me feel a little more connected. 

I’m a beginner! I probably will be a beginner for a long time - knowing my learning curve can be a bit long.  But I love to draw and paint - and I hope you enjoy my work as much as I enjoy making them.

Scott Brustein

Maggie Nerz Iribarne
Halloween 1977

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