Marion Horton

To drown or swim?

To cleave into the skin

of the smooth, deep abyss

or let your body float

silently, undulating with

each gentle pulse.


You feel it call you in,

its silky tresses taunting,

tempting. It rises, swells,

until each wave becomes

a drag of metal twine

around your quivering form.


As you submit, oblivion

strokes at your mind.

Let go, it croons,

let go and drift down

to the soft dark floor

of nothingness.


A cry. A wrench.

A sharp slice of

cold air rips the deadness

from your lungs and

smacks your face to wake.

Come back they call.


Did you think they’d let you die?

Following retirement, Marion Horton embarked on an Open University degree course Studying English Literature and Creative Writing, which she completed during the pandemic. She has been writing poetry for the past few years, but only recently began sharing her writing with a wider audience, creating a blog spot on


“When I saw Joe Campbell's picture I was immediately drawn to the smooth silky surface of the water and imagined myself sinking into it. Over the past few months how many of us have been tempted by the idea of oblivion and to escape the effects of the pandemic?”


Connor Doyle



Sarah Gordon