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Driving Home From the Modoc Winery with Jennie DeVoe's Cover of "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" on My Mind

Michael Brockley

On a dark road cut between soybean fields, I pass an ark raised on a hill beside a farmhouse with a blue light in its attic. South of Redkey, a palomino gallops in circles beneath a buck moon. I have worn the eye patch of the lecher and believed the legends corn stalks susurrate while Indiana fog rolls across desire. Road signs warn of wild boars crossing the highway toward a vandal’s jubilee. It is a land where every lesson is learned through lightning strike and thunder. I spent my orphan years as a cyclops, a stork that bowed to its captor, a bird with a death rattle song. I have survived locusts and tequila. Impersonated the chorus of a lullaby and forgotten how to drink pure water. Vultures nest in the rafters of one-room schoolhouses, and the abandoned churches of Dwindle thistle and bane. In this crucible, I have capered and stalked in the skin of a black puma and fled from bloodhounds into the loblolly during a fool’s rain. I followed foot  sign pressed into the high ground where the tall grass was trampled. The hieroglyphs of she-chucks, pregnant does, red vixens. Tonight, I cruise the long stretch between Riddle and Antiville, taking the long way home once more. Past neglected Civil War graves and flickers of fireflies. Through crossroads where I hold my breath to ward against the inveiglements of the gold-teeth man in the white suit. Heading east to where storm clouds roil behind colors that bleed into one.

Michael Brockley is a retired school psychologist who lives in Muncie, Indiana. While working as a school psychologist in rural northeast Indiana, Brockley gathered a collection of 800 conversational neckties which he wore based upon a given date's historical significance, prominent birthdays, designated national day, or humorous occurrence. He now has a collection of 80 or so aloha shirts, which he wears when he is participating in a Bards on the Run Poems-on-Demand event. His poems have appeared in Lost Pilots LIt, Whiskey Mule Diner Anthology, and Wordpeace. Poems are forthcoming in Vagabond Dissent, Jasper's Folly Poetry Journal, and The Rosette Maleficarum.

Nikki Gonzlalez
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Michael Brockley

When the Monopoly Game Pieces Fraternize with the Murder Weapons From Clue, the Mind Wobbles

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