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To rear his brands from the debris of the content creators realm,

and capitalize on programmed behaviors, the digital dignitary

must immolate his privacy, devoutly vend our ideals

in visually engaging clips, scattered on timelines, with his kin.

In an era of viewers worship, the art of deceit proficiency

is necessary to sell an image to an audience way too naive

to understand, with binary coded hearts, that its data is a currency

and that algorithmic injustice won’t cease until its absolute servility.

Enraptured in webs of nonfulfillment, doomscrolling on the hypnosis,

the congregation of phubbing followers craving for dopamine hits

is hardwired to stay connected to our reshaped reality;

it won’t be hard to win them over, from nursery

we hold their leash.

misery loves company

Begonya Plaza-Rosenbluth
What Secrets Lie Behind

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