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Even Statues Need a #MeToo

Willy Conley

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On the morning my father and I

drove to the Baltimore Museum of Art

to see the Dale Chihuly glass exhibit

we passed The Johns Hopkins University.

On the outskirts of campus

a Hans Schuler bronze and marble statue

the university’s namesake

flanked by two bronze figures.

On Hopkin’s left, a male figure

“Knowledge and the University”

on his right, a female

“Healing and the Hospital.”

My father says, “Let you in on a secret…

the pledge class always polishes

the female statue’s breasts

every year…for good luck –

the only thing that really shines

on the whole thing in my opinion.”

Willy Conley's most recent book is Photographic Memories – Essays, Playlets, and Stories. His other books are: Plays of Our Own – An Anthology of Scripts by Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Writers, Visual-Gestural Communication: A Workbook in Nonverbal Expression and Reception, The World of White Water – Poems, Listening Through the Bone – Collected Poems, The Deaf Heart – A Novel, Vignettes of the Deaf Character and Other Plays, and Broken Spokes – A Play in Seven Scenes. Born profoundly deaf, Conley is a retired professor emeritus and former chair of Theatre Arts at Gallaudet University (the world’s only liberal arts university for deaf and hard-of-hearing students) in Washington, D.C. Fun fact: In an earlier “lifetime,” he used to be a medical photographer at some of the top hospitals in the U.S., and became the first and only deaf person to become certified as a Registered Biological Photographer. For more info about his work, please visit:

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